Gamaret « Z »

Technical sheet

In the vine

The terroir of the Crausaz estate covers 3.5ha near the village of Grandvaux. Located in the heart of Lavaux and enjoying a dominant position, our Estate, a magnificent stately building from the 16th century, offers breathtaking views of Lake Geneva. A deep clay soil borders another composed of sands and pebbles from the glacial moraines. On the ridges, the soils are shallow. The molasse exposed by the glacier can thus give its full character to the wine.

During the harvest

According to Swiss climatologists, the 10 hottest years are recorded in the 2000s, and 2016 is the hottest! A mild winter, a rainy spring, a summer of five months and here we are again in exceptional conditions. After several successive small harvests, 2016 was finally a generous year. This is heartening news for the entire wine industry, which has fought hard to achieve this magnificent result. Ultimately, the entire harvest was able to be sown in excellent circumstances and promises a magnificent 2016 vintage balanced on the fruit and freshness, typical of the wines of our region.

In the cellar

Our Gamaret is cut to join the club of great wines for aging. Vinified and matured for a long time in contact with the oak - thus allowing all the energies from its assembly to be channeled - it is intended to accompany your best gastronomic moments. Being both powerful and rich in aromas, it nevertheless has an elegant and very sensual soul.